Obtaining Canadian Records

Post - 1935 Immigration Records

Records of immigrants arriving at Canadian land and sea ports from 1 January 1936 onwards remain in the custody of Citizenship an Immigration Canada. Requets for copies of landing records should be directed to the folowing office:

Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Public Rights Administration
360 Laurier Avenue West
10th Floor
Ottawa, ON
K1A 1L1

Please note that the following conditions apply:

Applications for copies of documents must be submitted on an "Access to Information Request Form" by a Canadian citizen or an individual present in Canada.

Fee: $5.00 payable to the Receiver General for Canada.

The request must be accompanied by a signed consent from the person concerned or proof that he/she has been deceased twenty years. Proof of death can be a copy of a death record, a newspaper obituary or a photograph of the gravestone showing name and death date.

The request should include the following information: full name at time of entry into Canada, date of birth, and year of entry. Additional information is helpful, such as country of birth, port of entry, and names of accompanying family members.

For access to your own landing record, please visit or write to your nearest Canada Immigration Centre or Canadian Consular Office. Fee: $30.00 for a certified copy for legal purposes. If you do not require a certified copy, you can submit your request on a Personal Information Request Form at no charge.

Copies of Access to Information Request Forms and Personal Information Request Forms can be obtained from most Canadian public libraries and federal government offices.