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More and more requests have come in asking for information regarding relatives and friends that came to the United States or Canada on Holland America. Many of you are asking to have names looked up without anything other then a possible year of immigration or ship. Unfortunately, it would be an insurmountable task to search for each name in many of the passenger lists and thus, it simply cannot be done at this point in time. The lists are not accessible by way of data base search, they (except for some of the web based, transcribed lists available by way of other sites) are the actual list or booklet and in some cases are old, tender documents. We will be more than happy to look up a list with the name of your family member only if the specific list for that voyage is listed on this site. Again, we can not do a lookup for you based only on a person's name or possible date of travel.

We realize the frustration encountered when trying to find one's past. It seems many of the available passenger lists, those handed out on the ships, are in collections having been passed along by their original owners. Hence, the collection below. You must also realize that Holland America usually had at least four or five ships going to and from NY on a weekly basis. Thus, many, many passengers and many, many lists (ones we do not have).

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