This site would not be possible were it not for the efforts and contributions of others. Below, find links to other interesting sites and a listing of the generous contributors.

William L. Trusewicz, for his vast knowledge of local history and his photo collection.

Doris Trusewicz, for sharing her memories growing up and living in Wanaque.

Tom Palkow, for sharing Murchio family photos among others and lots of Midvale history

Grace Maiello, for photos and lots of interesting historical views.

Sandy Lawson, for photos, help and good advice.

Paul Bryon, for sharing his photos.

Thomas J. Luddy, for sharing his post card collection.

Carole Russo, for photos of her growing up in Wanaque.

Richard L. Mariconda, Library Director, Wanaque Borough Free Public Library, as a source of information and direction and his Wanaque Local Area History site.

Bruce Batson and family for their photo contributions.

Fred Stratton for information on the Erie Railroad and the Greenwood Lake Branch.

Sue Shutte, Historic Preservationist, Ringwood State Park, for photos and direction.

Jerry Lyons, for photos and Haskell insights.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter McKinnon for historical information and for preserving one of Wanaque's oldest homes.

Pastor Donald DeGroat and the Midvale United Methodist Church for sharing it's history.

Bob Gentile, Roberts Automotive, for Midvale School photos.

The Wanaque Local Area History website.

The Wanaque Borough website.

Fred's Erie Railroad History Page.

The Greenwood Lake Division, Then and Now page of the Garden State Model Railway Club.

The Library of Congress, American Memory resource page.

The Hagley Museum and Library, Wilmington, Delaware.

The Forges and Manor of Ringwood, Ringwood State Park.

As a forum for those things Wanaque and a site where historical information can be traded, you are invited to read and join the Wanaque NJ Yahoo Group at:

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